U2 on Saved by the bell and California dreams

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Wed, 26 Aug 1998 18:02:00 EDT

Hey all,
I just saw the episode of Saved By The Bell where they are going to get the
U2 tickets! I freak out eveytime i see that episode!! I think that is the best
episode hehe : )
U2 has also been mentioned in California Dreams. Jake Summers(one of the
characters) needs to buy i presennt for his g\f so he goes into a record store
and for $200 you can get a demo er sumthin of U2's recording session and a
lock of Bono's hair.
dammit i want a lock of Bono's hair!!! hehe
I just freak out anytime U2 is mentioned.
I just thought i'd let ya'all know.
*Dream Out Loud*

"I wanna tell you something about this city; when I was 14 years old, my
girlfriend in Dublin Town came out to a guy from Ohio State, came back
from this university, no bra, Ohio State T-shirt and not very much
interested in myself, so I am SERIOUSLY pissed of at this place!"
~Bono at OSU

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