Oasis and the rock 'n roll torch

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Fri, 28 Aug 1998 21:57:01 -0600

In response to Moises from Caracas..

        This whole "next U2" thing...

        I really enjoyed your post about Oasis being a band that could come to
rule the world the way U2 has. I love their music and agree that the
next record they release is crucial! They have to create their own
"Unforgettable Fire". A watershed record that shows a new creative side.
If they do and it works...watch out world. Having seen Oasis perform on
their last three American tours, I have just one question, though? Will
Liam ever become as charismatic of a frontman as say Bono is? I think
that might be something that holds them back. I know it's not his
persona to run around a lot (or ever), and that's cool, but it may be a
problem. Time will tell. (By the way, sometimes I think Noel should be
the lead singer!) :)

Well, back to U2 land!

Damn that version of Bullet the Blue Sky from Stockholm, night three,
ZooTV is just amazing! I swear Bono is possessed sometimes! :)

adios.. Todd

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