Re: questions - greatest hits and Pop

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 23:50:33 -0700

kimiko percival wrote:
> 2) Do we really want an official greatest hits? I usually associate
> greatest hits CDs with 'has been' bands that can't sell that many CDs
> anymore. Real fans have all U2's greatest hits anyway - isn't the whole
> GH
> thing just too commercial? IF they release it just before christmas -
> the
> ideal christmas gift for music lovers - it will confirm my belief.
> Please,
> U2, no - dont do it!
> Not all bands that put out greatest hits end there. Ok I admit I don't
> like the idea of the greatest hits either but maybe the record company
> is telling them to do so. Who knows, maybe they really are leaving us,
> lets hope not though. I'm saying it's not the end of the world if they
> do this.
> Kimiko

Oh Kimiko.....don't get so intense.
U2 have complete control over their music, the record company
has never been able to tell them what to do.
The *rumor* is that Paul McG. is only discussing
a "possible" greatest hits type of album to come out in
November, maybe. The person that reported it said it would be a
"Rattle and Hum" kind of thing. That probably means live stuff.
Now, is it my imagination or isn't the Popmart official video
due to be released here in the USA in November?
"Rattle and Hum" the movie, "Rattle and Hum" the album to go with it.
Popmart the video, and an album with the hits and live tracks from the
Popmart tour mixed in to go with it.
10 years after the last movie/album set.
It makes sense to me. I'm for it.
Maybe we can get them together as a package deal for Christmas ;)
*If* it happens at all.


P.S. Would somebody explain what's really so bad about a band that's
been going for over 20 years *finally* putting out a Greatest Hits
I'm sure every band that's been together that long has done it,
and more than once probably.
AND most bands that haven't been together that long have, too.
It's just not that big of a deal everybody.

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