Re: Greatest Hits!! Its Still a Musical Journey!!

John DiRezze ([email protected])
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 10:19:53 -0400

> Take Crowded House for Instance. I always liked there music when i heard it
> on the radio but never owned any albums. A few years back they released
> "Recurring Dream" which was a greatest hits cd also with 3 or so new tracks.
> Anyway i went and bought it and it was this cd that made me totally fall in
> love with them. It was such an awesome and powerful release that greatly
> captured the essence of their career. Actually I know many people whom were
> introduced to them via this album. Everyone and anyone I knew seemed to
> have it, listen to it, and rave about it.

I agree that A U2 Greatest Hits album may welcome the younger generation
into the realm of U2. However, I think your example of Crowded House's
"Recurring Dream" just proves why U2 should NOT release a greatest hits
album. As you said, the compilation captured the essence of their
(Crowded House's) career. This is a result of it being released because
the band was calling it quits. Crowded House used the greatest hits
idea to send themselves off; like saying, 'this is where we have gone
with you guys (the fans) thanks for coming.' A greatest hits, to me,
dims the light on the future of a bands music. Crowded House's release
of a greatest hits was ight for them. That same decision would NOT be
right for U2...yet. Thanks for listening to more ranting and ravings.
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P.S. This was in no way intended as a flame. If it comes off that way,
I apologize :)

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