sad state of Las Vegas radio.

Ronald Mahaffey ([email protected])
Thu, 03 Sep 1998 21:19:59 PDT

Hi Wire!
 Well Las Vegas radio is very anti U2 for some reason. One radio station
call KOMP hasn't played a new U2 song since the release of "Desire",
another only plays a little U2 (KMXB). "IGWSHA" is not played out here
at all! I requested it one night and here is the reply i recived, "
sorry, that's not on our play list." I got the same resonse for all of
the "Pop" singles and "Zooropa" single(s). 103.5 The Edge KEDG used to
play all of U2's singles, but they changed their format to the "KISS"
format I think they are now called KISF-FM they play old school R&B,
soul and some 70's disco.Hard to belive but when U2 kicked of their tour
here The EDGE played 24 straight hours of U2 and for 2 weeks befor and
after they had "U2 at 2" and they played 2 U2 songs in a row!
  Any suggestions? I've tried their request lines and Emailing them, but
nothing works. Aside frome the lack of U2 content here in the Silver
State, alot of what gets played is redundent and overplayed.

 There was a Las Vegas Wire gathering and nobody told me?!?!?! Heck I
know I only live in Henderson but hey, it's close enough, isn't it?

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