RE: Girls are better traders than boys

Live Rare ([email protected])
Fri, 04 Sep 1998 09:06:42 PDT

>HiI must say that girls are much better to deal with than boys when >it
comes to trading or giving away U2 stuff. I really dislike >trading with
boys sometimes, cause they always think I am trying to >rip them off. It
is really annoying. Well not all girls are good >some are bad about
deals but the are far less than
>the boys!!It makes giving away stuff really difficult!!Oh well
>Can't let that stop me!YAY!!

This is because there is a whole lot more male traders out there then
Female, if there were an even amount you'd probably get the same
percentage, Its the way the world works... For instance, In alaska we
have the highest Suicide rate per capita, however there really isn't a
whole lot of suicides here, its just because there are so few people it
seems that way, when in a city like LA more people commit suicide than
the entire stage of alaska..
But I have experianced the same thing you have, with women being more
trusting than men, but thats because for every 10men I've traded with,
there has only been about 1 woman... You can't blame anyone for not
trusting you though, after all, what we're doing is somewhat illegal...

Not arguing with you, just commenting


God Bless

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