Seattle Popmart. (Santa Bono) and Ramblings.

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Sat, 14 Nov 1998 04:11:46 EST


Brad Grantham from the old school here. My hard drive crashed about a month
ago, and I have lost all the scanned images of Bono with my Santa Hat on in

If any of you have any of them on your hard drive, or would be kind enough to
send me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
for your kindness.

You know it's funny - It's almost been a year! I joked around with a friend
of mine saying that a Barenaked Ladies concert I just recently went to topped
Seattle Popmart. I don't think anything could - I'll ramble on, if you'll
allow me.

There are certain moments in our lives we'll never forget. My weekend in
Seattle could not have been any smoother - from the Crocodile Cafe', to
meeting people for the first time and having them say "BaaadAss!", nothing
could have been better. Also, the guys I stayed with at the Park Plaza were
the nicest, funniest, group of guys one could ever wish to hang out with. It
was like being in a U2 frat, of sorts.

I tried meeting Bono in Miami, but he got mobbed, and I wouldn't happen. I
can't explain what happened in Seattle - but I knew it was my moment. All I
wanted to ever do is thank this man for writing the best music I have ever
heard in my life. I got my chance. Right before "I still have not found..", he
paused in his speech to the crowd. I wanted to say something clever, like
"Bono, you are the smack daddy!", but all that came out was, "We love you!",
to which he turned around, and said "I love you to!".

At this point I was in awe. I pointed to my heart, and then to him, and
mouthed, "Thank you for everything", and it was at this point I tossed my hat
to him. I didn't think he would put it on, but he did. Once putting it on, he
said something to the effect of, "And the Lord says humble yourself, Bono!".
Needless to say, I was in awe. I got the hat back (Thanks Henry Wagner and
Matt McGee for the assist), and the night was not yet complete.

The only other thing I had ever really wanted was to hear "Stand By Me" and
"40" in concert....when "40" started....I think I speak for a lot of people
when I say it brought tears to my eyes. What a great song, and what a special

On a personal note, "One" that night was probably one of the most powerful
moments of my life. You had all these people from all across the world to your
left, and your right, all singing along, and sharing in the glory of the
night. I had also broken up with a long time girlfriend before the concert,
so "One" was kind of a healing experience for me. Just me, the music, and no
one else.

There are so many people I have met in U2 land who mean lots to me. You know
exactly who you are. I thank God for you all, and for helping out each other
along the way. I think I'm back at Wire for good. This is where I started,
this is where I met the best people in the world, who are now close friends,
and where I will continue to in the future. We're one but not the same. We
HAVE to carry each other.

Thanks to all. I wish you nothing but the best.


Brad Grantham
(The Wireling formerly known as Sweet BaadAss)

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