Moon Over Miami.... (one year ago)

Jonathan Early ([email protected])
Sat, 14 Nov 1998 12:36:38 PST

A whirlwind of memories from one year ago...running out of gas en route
to Miami...seeing Adam seconds after parking the car in South
Beach...the freak monsoon storm hours before the gig...what was your
kitty's name, Gina?...asking the cop where the liquor store was...seeing
the familiar faces and tears from earlier along the PopMart
trail...thanx for the assist in getting into the show, Allison (it's
Jess' debt!)..."Free Howie B!"...seeing Jerry Mele go ballistic with a
b-stage girl...didn't spill my drink, tho...taking the picture of Bono
(LNOE) with the full moon at the tip of his guitar...getting the
setlist, and moments later having Elvis Costello sign it at the mixing
board...chasing the town car from the stadium to South Beach...was *I*
driving?!...the beautiful back yard of the Delano...Bono sharing a quiet
candle-lit moment with Ali...uhh, Larry, could you please move? You're
standing in the way of my view of the Moon Over Miami!

Thinking of the sunrises, you know that I will be sorry for quite some
time to come.... I miss everything.

"Regrets...I've had a few...but then again, too few to mention".

Peace and love,

J. Early

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