NO MORE PLASTIC BANDS... your comments please

BRIAN MURRAY ([email protected])
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 10:00:20 EST

I've been thinking about posting this on wore for a while now but have
had to put it off due to other commitments. It's partly U2 related but
my main reason for posting it is to hear other peoples oppinions on this
subject the state of music today. If you have any comments at all on
this post please either e-mail me at [email protected] or reply to
it on wire.
   I've been a big music fan for ages, not just U2 (though a must
confess I hold U2 way above all other bands) but of all types of good
music. I enjoy old music from years ago when rock was first getting it's
feet right though to bazzare and rather odd (but still enjoyable) sounds
to come out of the 80's.
   Now however when I turn on the radio I hear what I best describe as
plastic music. More and more lately the real bands seem to be being
pushed to the back of the shelf for the new way to make big bucksin the
industry. It seem that now days it's far more profitable to search for
"the next big thing" at a modeling agency than by checking out the
latest bands trying to get a break. It seems that the best to make money
is to get the best looking people possible and write a few sappy love
songs that have little to no imagination in them. Get some high paid DJ
to mix it into a hit song. Make a film clip full of half naked people
and promote them like crasy. Once the sales start to fall dump them and
move on. Look at how many of these plastic bands are out there. I'm not
going to name any 'cos I don't want to offend anybody but I'm sure you
can all think of at last 20 of them. Just turn on your TV and watch the
top 20.
   Now I know, if you don't like it you don't have listen to it and I
have to be honest I do have a couple of singles from such groups but
what I'm concerned about is the great bands that are being left behind
by all this. Looking back in the past few decands there has always been
big bands going where no other band has gone before. From the beatles
right though till U2 and REM bands have been pushing the limits in there
music to bring forth songs that really move people and are filled with
emotion. With or without you is the best example of a moving song I can
think of. It's so sweat but at the same time sad and bitter and it
changes every tour. The first time it was recorded on the album it had a
completely different feel to say the ZOO TV tour where MacPhisto
(spelling?) gave it a dark sort of twist.
   Where are the bands writing these sort of somgs today? All that's on
the radio when I turn it on is the same old beat and the same old song.
Different people singing it but you can bet that they're young, thin and
look liie they should be on the cover of a fasion magazine.
   The only hope new band that I think shows promise is Radiohead. They
(along with the ever strong U2 and REM) are the only band out there
still doing what they want to do are really making music that is full of
life any emotion.
   Anyway I have a lot more that I want to add to this but I think I
should see what kind of feed back I get before I go any further. There's
not much point to writing a whole lot more if nobody is interested. So
please let me know, this is something that I've been thinking a lot
about lately particularly when I read wire or have the radio on.
   Thanks you your time.

Brian ([email protected])

P.S. sorry about the spelling. I just wanted to get it all down while it
was in my head so the spelling wasn't a high priority

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