Zoologischer Garten web cam

An inspiration for ZOOROPA? Probably, U2 recorded Achtung Baby in Berlin in 1991. Zooropa followed soon after in 1993 during the Zooropa leg of the ZooTv tour. The Zoologischer Garten, web cam in no long being updated on the web. Berlin Zoologischer Garten



View of Berlin Zoo trainstation and

View from Fri Aug 8 11:32:19 MET DST 1997 (Fri Aug 8 09:32:19 GMT 1997) from the office on the 4th floor onto the main Berlin railroad station Berlin Zoologischer Garten, with the Hardenbergplatz bus terminal in front. (Berlin weather). A full-size (90 kByte) version and a legend are also here.