Official Top U2 Boots

rob okorn ([email protected])
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 21:47:39 PDT

Here are the top U2 CD boots released:

1a) Rock's Hottest Ticket: Best 'Streets' ever, superb 'Bad' and 'UF',
great vocal tone/range, full super close alive sound.
1b) Joshua Tree on Fire: Overall better performance than RHT, best
'Mothers...Disappeared' by a country of mile, superb 'WOWY', 'MLK',
'Bad', 'UF', 'Running', Springhill is also timeless. Excellent vocal
tone, nice Light My Fire and Amnesty improv, alot of nuance in vocal.
     Sound is super crisp, detailed, and amazing ambience and
3) Four at Four '85 show, superb sound, much more lifelike than any
soundboard could ever hope for, great vocals and passion.
4) Too Much Talk: mainly Amnesty 86 broadcast, incredible vocals
especially Pride chorus as well as Help.
5) Second Homecoming: KTS Rotterdam 7/10/87 show, 2nd best summer 87
show, superb Streets, best In God's Country ever, excellent Bad. Full
super close excellent sound, great atmosphere and energy, some tracks
sound better than soundboard and much more alive than the flat
6) Unforgettable Night: Bologna 85, soundboard like, high quality sound,
almost as good as Four at Four.
7) In U2 I Trust: Strong sound for the most part, best 'Still
Haven't...' ever by quite a bit. Running...Still also has the strong

Honourable mention: Live Transmission, Stop the Traffic japanese
original version.

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