I: u2 live cds

francesco rastelli ([email protected])
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 07:15:28 +0200

All cds are original live cds , not homade copies .

pictures in grey pink pop festival 08/06/81 1cd

heart beat alternate & demo version 1cd

melon & more remixes 1cd

unforgettable duets 1cd

thanks u too for the fire milano 04/02/85 2cd

pop of the top seattle 12/12/97 2cd

pop mart tokio 05/03/98 2cd

u2 en el fin del mundo 11/02/98 santiago,chile 2cd

catholic blues belfast 97 2cd

she's gone dublin 31/08/97 2cd

first concert in an airport roma 97 2cd

150,000 reggio emilia 97 2cd

sarajevo pop mart 2cd

stories about eternity wembley 22/08/97 2cd

not coming down edinburgh 97 2cd

le pop mart in paris 2cd

liberte',egalite',karaoke' montpellier 97 2cd

virtual attraction los angeles 21/06/97 2cd

southern accent mexico 97 2cd

the supreme court concert dublin 30/08/97 2cd

first night on heart las vegas 97 ltd.numb.ed.500 copies in special

boom cha !! boom cha !! san diego 97 ltd.numb.ed.500copies in
specialpackage 2CD

prisoners of conscience n.y. tibetan freedom concert 97 1cd

broadcasted pop mart reggio e./koln/mtv n.y./rotterdam 1cd

human rights day- last night at the pop mart johannesburgh 98 2cd

future in your hands capetwon 18/03/98 2cd

berlin 1cd berlin 04/11/81

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