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> Hey fellow U2 lovers-
> Just was wondering if any of u guys can help me out with something U2ey to
> put
> on my license plate. I did have a few ideas in mind but i wanted to get
> some
> more opinions. Thanks a lot!
> Alli
I got my U2 license plates a few years back. "ZOOROPA" was taken, so I got
"ZUROPA" (if anyone in the Chicago area sees a black Honda Del Sol with those
plates, that's me! :-) ). After Pop came out I thought I might like to get
"BONOPOP," but in the end decided to keep the ones I had. I got all attached
and stuff.... :-) Does anyone have "POPMART?" That would be a cool one also!
And finally, there was a car at my school with "Z LEMON 1." That's all the
suggestions I have right now.
Of course, it depends on the rules in your area... In Illinois you can have up
to 7 characters, and you can't have a number before a letter. So I couldn't
get "U2 RULES" or anything like that.
What do you guys have on your cars? I've always meant to take a poll or
something and never quite got around to it. I'd be curious to see what y'all
come up with.


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