U2 <---> Third Eye Blind, LA musicians

Chris Bersbach ([email protected])
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 22:57:29 PDT

  Attention Popmart shoppers, it has been brought to mangment's (that'd
be me) attention that Third Eye Blind, a band who is known to respect U2
highly, regularly (by regularly I mean at least more than once) covers I
Will Follow in their live set. I was wondering if anyone out there
could get ahold of a recording of this and get it out there in MP3
format for all to hear. That said.....
  Are there any musicians out there in the LA area, or more specifically
in the San Fernando Valley who would be interested in playing cover
and/or originals? I'm 17 (although I'm looking for people of any age at
all) and play guitar (pretty well) and would really like to play with
other musicians in the area, but I seem to be at a loss for anyone who
has decent musical taste, and I figured that EVERYONE on Wire has at
least pretty good taste in music, so......Drop me a line.
                         Big Chris - [email protected]

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