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> Ok Wirelings, help me out here. I know that Pearl Jam got to know U2 during
> the ZOOTV tour and from what I've read in books and magazines, I thought the
> two bands were pretty friendly towards each other. Then I hear from a friend
> that PJ was selling "Fuck Bono" t-shirts at a concert that my friend
> attended...does anybody know if this is true or not? And if so, was it just a
> joke??
> Please fill me in...please?
> ~Lauren~

You friend might well have been taking the piss out of you. I've never
seen any "Fuck Bono" t-shirts--are those anything like the "Fuck Me, I'm
Irish" t-shirts at Shane MacGowan's gigs?--but SST Records did produce
their notorious "Kill Bono" t-shirt as part of the whole Negativland "U2"
debacle. (And may still be making them, for all I know.) Yes, Eddie
Vedder had been seen to wear one at a PJ show, I believe this was prior
to their working as an opening act for U2 on the '93 tour (in Europe). (I
think the Italian fans scared the crap out of PJ...all that _enthusiasm_
on such a large scale...) On the other hand, Bono himself wore a "Kill
Bono" t-shirt at one of the PopMart shows (Columbus?) The account
appeared on Wire after the show. So at least Bono has a bit of a sense of
humor about things like this--in fact, I recall on the Zoo tour (indoors),
he saw a fan wearing a t-shirt that said "Bono Is A Scalper", and borrowed
it and wore it on stage...


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