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Elizabeth Platt ([email protected])
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 19:52:18 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 12 June 1998 "* FarawaySoClose *" <[email protected]>

>In reply to the person wanting to know about U2 and Robbie
>Robertson......I have heard the other song they recorded with him (and
>IMHO "Sweet Fire of Love" is better)....but cant recall the name. My
>friend has it on tape so I can find out if no one else knows (which is
>NOT likely).
>The one thing I do know is that the songs were recorded in Larrys
>bathroom...cause the accustics are exceptional in there, and only two
>musicians were able to fit in at once (plus, like, a producer with all
>the equipment)-even when Adam sat in the bath!

Are you sure it was Larry's bathroom? And are we sure we're even
discussing this? :) Seriously, though, I was just recently playing the
U2 stuff off of Robertson's album, having finally been reunited with my
turntable and LPs, and noted that the two U2 tracks had been recorded at
Danesmoat with a mobile unit--and Danesmoat is Adam's home, not Larry's.
I also recall reading an interview with Robertson, where he mentioned
recording at Adam's house, and U2 have recorded some of their own stuff
there as well (e.g., "Heartland").

The only band I know for _sure_ who have recorded a song (or parts of it)
in a, uh, powder room is Led Zeppelin; they recorded the drums for "When
the Levee Breaks" in the men's toilets of the studio... :)


Elizabeth Platt
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