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Thu, 2 Jul 1998 17:10:05 EDT

This is absolutely ridiculous. To any homophobes on WIRE...please, if you are
the kind of person who finds it ok to hate others, keep it off WIRE. The last
thing we need to see on a mailing list for the band who wrote "One" is why
it's ok to hate homosexuals. And don't give me this bullshit about "immoral
acts" and "the Bible says so." I say fuck that. The Bible says plenty of
stuff that isn't true. I believe it was Jesus Christ who once said that the
most important commandment, and in essence, the only commandments, is to love
others as you would love yourself. I don't think "reminding" homosexuals of
how a big fucking club(that's right...religion is a big fucking club, so
people can feel good about themselves) "doesn't approve" of their lifestyle is
very loving. Now, you can say all you want about blasphemy and how I'm going
to go to hell for bad-mouthing the Bible...I know I won't. I know whats going
on, and I know that if there is any single act God looks down upon it's the
harming of his people, emotionally and physically.

Fake as anything,

"All that's sacred, comes from youth; Dedications, naive and true; With no
power, nothing to do; I still remember, so why don't you? Don't you?; THIS IS
  -Eddoe Vedder

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