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Thu, 2 Jul 1998 17:24:03 EDT

In response to what Janey wrote about, the story of Bono doing some fooling
around some years back, I will give my opinion.

I can understand accusations of Bono getting"a little too friendly" because at
times, I think that he may go a bit overboard( I thought that the picture of
Bono touching tongues with Liam Gallagher was just plain distasteful.) But as
for the cheating part, i think that the girl may have gotten too excited with
what happened to her that night, and may have just made up the rest of it...
Just to give an edge to her story, something to tell her girlfriends at the
next slumberparty...

So i would not get too excited over something like that...the coach may just
be telling what he knows( the on the stage part), and what he has been told.

But thats just what i think...of course, i am not one to trust easily...

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