Lorilee Whittington ([email protected])
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 10:06:17 +0800

All those interseted in copies of the photos.. Please READ...

PRICE : Essentially it depends on where you are from. If your in the US
photos will cost $1.00US each, plus a stamped self addressed envelope.
The basic idea is to get US cash to enable me to do other trades.

If you not in the US just base the price on US exchange rate. ie for
Australia it would be around $1.60 per photo. I will soon be scanning
the photos (I have others) in there raw format..(ie not cropped, which
the way most appear on my site.) These wil;l be worth checking because
many people are in the backgroung of these photos and you might be one
of them.

You can get cropped copies if you are willing to pay a little more.

I am just getting the photos reprinted through a local photo shop so
this is all
at cost price, unfortuently I dont have access to a studio of my own...

HOW TO ORDER : Within the very near future I will have an ordering link
on my page in
which you can view the numbers of each photo, the photo and then

I promise to get organised soon, but Ive been pretty flat out of late.
is probably best to wait until I get this page done so you can work out
exactly what you do and dont want. I will post on wire when its up...

P.S. If by any chance anyone has photos with me in the
background...please...please...let me know..


Lorilee *Cyren*

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