Harrison's Mistake

John J. Hlavaty ([email protected])
Fri, 3 Jul 1998 02:23:54 -0400

Lilith wrote:
> if I remember the interview correctly, to have thrown U2 in
>there with the Spice Girls and a couple of other people merely because
>they were in the news at the time and thus he had heard of them,

This is correct, however, Harrison has mentioned U2 publicly
before. After U2 reached superstardom, Harrison commented
that U2 has no idea what superstardom is *really* like, referring
to the hoardes of screaming women that chased the Beatles
in their early days. In that sense, Harrison is correct - U2's fans, in
are of a different breed than the teeny-bopper set that chased
the Beatles.

>BTW, George Harrison has been under treatment for throat cancer, so far
>successfully (from the latest report I read); he found a lump on his
>throat, apparently while gardening. (No, I can't figure that one out
>either; it was in the interview.

He's apparently doing quite well.

>So you see, I doubt Mr Harrison gives much thought to U2 these days, if
>he ever did.

I don't think Harrison thinks about U2 a lot, but enough so
that he knows of their existence, knows that they
are very successful and perhaps feels a bit threatened by them.

Harrison's comments were uncalled for as was Bono's
retaliation. Call it a mistake on both parts. However, I feel
Harrison made the bigger mistake by not only insulting a band that has
been around longer than his Beatles but by even making the
comment at all.



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