U2 in the classroom continued...making a tape for my professor

Shary M. T ([email protected])
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 00:37:00 -0700

Hey all!
  I have a fun project for you guys. I want to make an annotated
bibliography (or discography in this case) of the songs sung at the Dec
31,1989 New Years Even concert in Dublin. Could you either direct me to
a sight that gives background hints as to the influences/meanings in
U2's songs or tell me the title and name of the book that does this or
give me your own knowledge about these songs. In layman's terms
annotated means adding notes to certain books (in this case records)
with full references as to date published/publishing
  For example:
"I Will Follow": from album "Boy" recorded in 1980?,Island records (Who
else right?) Here: Notes on what's significant about it and the
background meaning in this case.
These are the songs that are on the boot: Sorry, but will cut out God
Part II, Van Dieman's, Watchtower, Party Girl and Bullet the Blue Sky as
I only have a 60min.tape and I want my prof. to get to the heart of the
my favorites of U2. I know the BTBS has some good things to say in it
but will skip it anyway.

5-One Tree Hill
X7-God Part II
X9-All Along the Watchtower
10-All I want is you (snippet)
X12-Van Dieman's Land
X13-Bullet The Blue Sky
14-Running to Stand Still
15-Time's They Are a Changing (Bob Dylan)
X18-Party Girl

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