Gee and here I thought this was a U2 list....(Or growing disenchanment with Wire)

Pirate Bob ([email protected])
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 02:36:58 -0400

Lately it seems like 70% of the daily content on Wire has nothing
whatsoever to do with U2.

In the past it never really bothered me because most of the off-topic
posts were about what was going on in people's lives and it made Wire
more than a mailing list, it made it a community. And I enjoyed reading
what was going on in the lives of my fellow U2 fans. But in the past 2-3
months the off-topic posts have changed from light hearted interesting
posts to rancorous mean spirited and just frigging irritating flame
wars. And Wire has changed from community to a battleground.

We have had flame wars about Nationalism, about whether Bono has cheated
and if he should or not, The Spice Girls, The rumor about Adam dating
that one Spice Girl, Danny Best, and now the latest irritating
flame...The "evils" of homosexuality.

Exactly what THE HELL, does someone's sexual proclivity or whether said
proclivity is evil, have to do with U2 let alone the price of tea in
China. I'm sick of hearing about it.

I have gone from reading 90% of the daily posts to reading 3 or 4. I
suppose it would not be so bad if these things didn't seem to last for
frigging ever.

The reasons flame wars go on so long is almost always because even after
the original argument dies, there are people who continue to post that
people stop arguing! After the Nationalism flame died, for 3 weeks there
were posts from people asking that people stop arguing about it. They
are called flames for a reason people!!! If you don't fuel them they
will die! If you need to argue do it privately by emailing the person
you disagree with, do not subject me and every other person on Wire to
your posts.

I'm not going to ask people to clean up their act, because I made an
appeal months ago and it obviously didn't work. And at this point I
don't really care. In my opinion it has gotten so bad that I have
considered washing my hands of Wire entirely and merely privately email
the people that I have met on Wire.

Watch...this will probably start it's own flame war...sheesh...

Pirate Bob
Monkey...With a Vengeance...

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