I'd Rather Go Deaf

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Fri, 3 Jul 1998 02:40:26 EDT

Listening to Unforgettable Fire (the U2 tribute band from NYC) and most of us
did. I think i can speak for everyone from the DC list that attended that
Charley/Bono, Joe/The Edge, George/The Hitman, and Dan/Sparky threw down in

It was their first trip to the DC area and they didn't disappoint. As the
opening act left, we made our way to the "a-stage". We're standing with
anticipation and what do we hear over the P.A.? Harry's Game. Oh yes, they
did! At this point, Bob and Phil start bemoaning the fact that no one has
camera, video, or DAT equipment (we won't make that mistake next time). Well,
UF opened with Streets. Some of the songs played were (in no order
whatsoever), Bad, Ultraviolet, Mysterious Ways, I Will Follow, Pride, Gone,
Please, Sunday Bloody Sunday, EBTTRT, Angel of Harlem, All I Want is You,
Bullet the Blue Sky, Desire, Gloria, ISHFWILF, One, New Year's Day, WOWY, and
they ended with "40".

Charley had Bono down cold. He wore the shiny pants with a black Tee. He had
3 pairs of shades (including The Fly shades and the Popmart ones). When he
left the stage during BTBS, he came back in Bono's Castro look. Can you say
spitting image. We loved it. He even pulled out the harmonica.

Joe was kicking with Edge's guitar and piano parts. And you thought Larry
worked hard at the drums. George had me exhausted by the time he finished.
And then there was Dan, emulating the coolness of the Sparkmeister himself.

UF had a crew from NYC that traveled down to support them. If any of you are
on Wire, HOWDY! Come on back down this way some time, and make sure you bring
UF with you. It's obvious how much work these 4 put in to give the audience
an authentic U2 experience. I hope you guys felt our appreciation. Even
Better Than the Real Thing? Close, damn close.


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