Passengers & Captive

Cathy I ([email protected])
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 16:19:34 EDT

Hello Wirelings,

I just wanted to thank everyone that offered to send me the Passengers
album. The only thing is I found the Passengers cd yesterday!!! It was
in this new music store that just opened a couple weeks ago. I had never
been in it so I decided to check it out. I looked around and I found
it!!!!! I've looked freakin' everywhere for it! Thank god that new store
opened!!! They only had one copy so I grabbed it. Only thing is I paid
over 28 bucks for it! It was worth it though. I could've waited for
someone to e-mail me about a copy but I REALLY wanted the actual cd.
Thanks to everyone that e-mailed me about it and sorry that you wasted
your time.

However, I am looking to trade/buy a copy of the Captive soundtrack. If
anyone is interested please e-mail me. (Does Edge sing on it or just
play guitar?)

Thanks a lot!

U2 4-ever,
Cathy :)

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