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On Fri, 05 Jun 1998 Adrian Aaron <[email protected]>

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> Subject: Down Fall The Days???
> I was recently looking through some of my Rolling Stones issues (because
> my VCR blew) and I found the one about the making of Achtung Baby. I
> noticed that they have sort of a black board that the guys use to keep
> track of what they need to do to songs. For example: the may need to
> lay down a vocal track or a guitar track or whatever. But upon closer
> inpection I noticed that there was a song listed call Down Fall the
> Days. What ever became of this song. Any replies:
> [email protected]

First, Adrian, condolences on the death of your VCR! :(

I empathise, because my VCR seems to have run away from home. (Yes, it's
a weird story...)

Anyways, I know the photo you're talking about, because I noted the title,
too. But it's "Down All the Days", which also happens to be the name of a
song by the Pogues, as well as a book written by Irish author Christy
Brown. Yes, Brown was the man portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis in "My Left
Foot"; "Down All the Days" is probably his best-known book. I don't know
if U2 were recording a cover of the Pogues song, or if they were using
that as a working title for one of their own compositions.


Elizabeth Platt
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