U2 at Live Aid

Angie or Maria ([email protected])
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 21:29:08 -0700

Hello everyone :)
I haven't posted in ages, but I just had to let everyone know that I was
rummaging through some old video tapes and I actually found a complete
copy of the Live Aid show!!!! I was so amazed, I didn't even know I had
this (I haven't seen this since I saw Live Aid back in 1985!) so of
course I watched it immediately. Great performance, although it sucked
that they didn't have one single close-up of Larry :( After watching
this, I flip on Much Music and what do I see, the video for IGWSHA! I've
never even seen this, so I thought this was turning out to be a good
day! Just a nothing post about rambling...sorry to anyone who this may
have bothered, but it does have U2 content!
BTW...if anyone is interested in buying one of those Pam and Tommy Lee
tapes, we sell them at work (sorry, I couldn't resist!)
And Tara...I saw 'Armageddon' and WOO HOO was Ben ever looking mighty

Have a nice day :)

It's a musical journey...

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