Joel's new thread - the end of U2

Carissa Goisnard ([email protected])
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 23:31:47 +0900

Okay, here's the thing:
I am not anticipating the end of U2 in any sense of the word but when it
comes you just know it's gonna be spectacular. It's not (IMHO) going to be
like one of those things that happened to the Monkees where they won't
actually retire but rather they'll cease to exist overnight and turn up
twenty or thirty years later in a missguided attempt at ridding the wave of
the latest retro-revolution, flogging a dead horse to save their asses from
bankrupcy. Don't get me wrong I love the Monkees but I think that our boys
can do better than that.
I envision the concert tour to end all concert tours-500 times bigger,
brighter, louder than Pop with the final show being beamed via a Jim Carrey
as the Riddler-esque direct link with every cerebral cortex in the galaxy.
At the end of the show the world would just blow up so no one would have to
live a life without U2.
Of course that's just me.

Thanks for listening
Carissa Marie

The Lady With the Spinning Head

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