I've just made myself into a homonym

James P. Chacko ([email protected])
Sat, 4 Jul 1998 01:44:06 -0500

Well if this doesn't make me *wirish* I don't know what will . . . earlier
in the week, while at my personal hell which the rest of society calls the
four week principles of accounting blitz, I was quite thirsty--you see
society's four week principles of accounting blitz takes place in my home
state which i affectionately call the union's solar powered human
dehydration facility, better known as texas. So what better way to relieve
my parch-ed throat than with some of that fantabulous icy cold iced tea? As
I'm sipping, I notice a hint of lemon (ah yes, the U2 content:) and it's
quite refreshing, around the same time, I remember that I'm wearing my
popmart shirt--the blue t-shirt with giant lemon being orbited by the
supermarket trolley--better known as the lemon T . . . I am drinking lemon
tea while in the lemon T!! See this is where wire needs to go, find the U2
content in every aspect of the daily grind . . . now my example may be quite
stupid and ludicrously boring, but it is far better than talk of the
evils/divinity of hetero/homosexuality, the on going soap opera of
everyone's favorite aussie-Danny Best (is that an oxy moron;), and of course
the obvious NOYB thread "did bono stray?" . . . sorry for the waste of
space, happy fourth of july, for you none US wirefolk, happy saturday:)


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