to tinker, but not to inhale

khufu ([email protected])
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 08:06:58 -0400

> DAVID CARR ([email protected])
> There's a bit in the Bill Flanagan book which has always niggled me, I
> think it's around the time of the Sellafield raid, where he's talking to
> Bono about Achtung Baby and oral sex. Out of the horse's mouth comes
> something that sounds very much like a semi-confession. I hope not, but he
> does have a tendency to say more than he ought to sometimes ...

now it's been well asserted that oral sex does not constitute 'sexual relations'...
it's equivalent to the 'i didn't inhale' defense, or in this case that would be
'she didn't inhale'.

> Camilo Mourino ([email protected])
> Hi y'all--
> doesn't bono beautiful admit to being a "tinker"? (re
> marriage/cheating) I think i saw it in a book somewheres...

don't know in what context this word was used by him, but it's normal
use means one who enjoys repairing and experimenting with machine parts,
or, one who is clumsy at his work; a bungler. i can see him using the
word to describe how he works at his music.


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