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New/Re-release : Orange CD, Propaganda remixes July 28,1998.
(Please note, that some of the companies that offer this CD will not
deal with "Bootlegs", so I'm not sure how they're offering it...)
CONFIRMED: U2 "POPMart" DVD/VHS October 13, 1998.
(confirmed through MuchMusic, HMV, two separate other sources)
RUMOUR : U2 New Album(Title To Be Announced) late 1998/early 1999
(Please note that this is *NOT* the "Rather Go Blind" rumour)

RUMOUR: U2 in Denver, Colorado for Tibetan Awareness July 6, 1998
RUMOUR: Bono to join B.B. King onstage July 27th, Dublin, Ireland
RUMOUR: U2 at Flaming Lips Concert Experience, date to be announced.

Television/Radio Events:
(VH1 commercials are reporting that one of these shows will feature some early
U2 footage -- the times are Eastern) June 30, 1998
8:00PM Before They Were Rock Stars
9:00PM Before They Were Rock Stars II

1997 MTV Euro Music Awards (U2 opens show with an incredible version of
Mofo) Thursday July 2, 1998

Net Events:
Vote for U2 at DotMusic's Top Albums of All Time
Vote for U2 under "Juiciest Boy Group" at
(Don't ask me...I didn't make up the category name...)

Fan Club/WIRE/U2 nutzoid meetings:
Perth WIRElings, The Bog, July 9, 1998
Email [email protected] for more information.
WIRE Gathering, Toronto, Canada, July 25th, 5:00pm.
Email [email protected] for more information.
(Barry will not have netaccess after the 17th. You can reach him at
(416) 233-9955 after the 17th)
Lemon-Aid: A U2 Summer Cookout, August 22, Fall River,
Massachusetts. Email [email protected] for more information
A SORT OF HOMECOMING, August 28-30, Las Vegas, NV
Email [email protected] for more information.
Wire Gathering in Kansas, September.
Email [email protected] for more information.
(Uhm...this person's email is down for a few days. I'll let you
know when it goes back up. As far as I know, the gathering is still on)

NEWS dates:
Official notice of PopMart Video release added July 4
Outcry compared to U2 added July 3
Billboard poll added July 3
Small blurb on DVD added July 2
Bono's month on Pirelli Calendar added July 1 (Happy Hoser Day everyone!)
Interview with former Polygram Head added June 30
Comparison of Last year's tours and this Year's tours added June 30
RUMOUR: U2 in Denver, Colorado added June 30
But Does he Have an Edge? added June 30
U2 "Discotheque" on Romanian Soccer video added June 30
VH1 tomorrow night added June 29
Howie B's website added June 29
Brief mention of U2 in Mayfield Four review added June 29
Vote on Polygram/Universal Music merger added June 29
Confirmed: U2 to release PopMart DVD in 1998 added June 28
THE U2NEWS Poll added June 28
U2 POPMart to be released on DVD added June 28
Another place to vote for U2 added June 28
Two separate sources have informed me that the official release date of the
POPMart Video is October 13, 1998. The video will feature 22 titles, and
will be the Mexico City Broadcast :(. The DVD will also feature the same
broadcast, but will have an option to play with camera angles(ie, you can
create your own video!).

(Prarit's Note: One of my sources is a source working for Polygram. However,
I'd like to stress at this point the release date is floating--that is, knowing
Polygram/Island, the release date could and probably will change.)
Condensed from CNN:

Eureka Records' Outcry Introduced to Fans via Internet
Entertainment Wire 02-JUL-98

coincide with the release of THIS SIDE OF ANYWHERE, now in
record stores across the country, Eureka Records, AT&T's a2b music
(SM), and broadcast.com are offering fans of the New Jersey
based-band Outcry a chance to listen to the music first, via the

Beginning today, THIS SIDE OF ANYWHERE, will be a
featured "Listening Party" on broadcast.com (www.broadcast.com),
the leading aggregator and broadcaster of streaming media
programming on the Internet. Through the end of July, fans can listen
to all twelve songs from the album, including the band's hit
single, "On and On", using streaming audio software from Real

>From the hooky "On and On" to the lamenting "The Longest Trip",
Outcry's melodic, energetic rock sound has been compared to,
among others, alterna-pop superstars REM and Crowded House.
What sets Outcry apart in the densely populated rock arena is the
band's ability to combine sincere songwriting skills with incredibly
catchy melodies that defy a single style. Just when the listener settles
nto thinking Outcry is a straight-ahead pop group, their sound shifts,
showing off the varied influences of the band members: U2, Led
Zeppelin, Simple Minds, Jazz guitar great Pat Metheny, and of
course, the Beatles, to name a few.
>From Billboard:

With the announcement recently that Seagram, parent of the
Universal Music Group, is acquiring PolyGram Music,
followers of the music business began to ponder what the
world will be like when the traditional Big 6 record companies
are reduced to a Big 5. In our latest Billboard Online poll, we
asked readers: "Do you think the pending merger of Universal
Music Group and PolyGram Music is good or bad for the
music business?"

In response, 43.6% said the conjoining of the two music joins
will be bad for the business, while only 22.4% saw this as good
news. Another 15.1% said the didn't know what impact they
merger might have, while 18.8% "didn't care."
>From www.dvdresource.com:

The article says the U2 Popmart DVD will, "be released prior to
Christmas on DVD with the multi-angle feature enabled. You will be
able to enjoy songs from the live show with as many as eight different
angles from which to choose!"

Thanks to Ian Baumeister for this info!
July is Bono's month on the famous Pirelli Calendar. You can find his
picture at:

There's an interesting interview with ousted Polygram Head Alain
Levy at:

There's an interesting article on U2 and the general state of music at


(Prarit's note: The article is really long...)
Condensed From Washington Post:

The World Record Set by Moe Asch :
Folkways Founder Ran a Musical Marathon

By Richard Harrington
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, June 28, 1998; Page G04

Moses Asch was -- by instinct, habit and accomplishment -- a one-man
Smithsonian Institution, so it's entirely fitting that his life's work, Folkways
Records, ended up at the Smithsonian after he died in 1986. After all, the
nation's attic was a natural home for the astounding sonic treasures
represented on the 2,168 records Asch released on Folkways in his

Folkways, now known as Smithsonian Folkways and celebrating its 50th
anniversary as part of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the Mall, has as
its slogan "A World of Sound," and the line is apt: Though best known for
pioneering records by Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Lead Belly and
Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee that helped spark the American folk
and blues revivals of the late '50s and early '60s, Folkways -- consisting
essentially of Moe Asch -- was collecting and disseminating folk songs and
traditions from around the globe decades before the notion of "world
music" caught on. Folkways documented the civil rights, labor, anti-war
and feminist movements through speech and song, celebrating African
American culture and its African roots, and pioneered the fields of
spoken-word and children's recordings.

The linkup with the Smithsonian, as natural as it now seems, wasn't easy,
despite the support from the late Ralph Rinzler, who recorded many classic
albums of Southern mountain music for Folkways in the '50s and '60s and
founded the Folklife Festival. As the Smithsonian's assistant secretary for
public service, Rinzler fought hard for the acquisition, but it was made
possible only when artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Brian Wilson, U2,
Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Sweet Honey in the Rock recorded
an album of Woody Guthrie and Lead Belly songs. "Folkways: A Vision
Shared" sold 250,000 copies and basically underwrote the deal.

The Smithsonian acquired 5,000 reel-to-reel tapes, 4,000 78 rpm discs,
177,000 LPs, Asch's correspondence and business files, and the
unpublished writings and drawings of Woody Guthrie that led to the Billy
Bragg/Wilco project. Smithsonian Folkways started off reissuing classic
recordings for the first time on CD, as well as albums by living artists who
could sell them and profit immediately. That's been followed by almost 200
new anthologies or expanded collections (sometimes with twice the
material as on the original release) and brand-new recordings and series,
like the 20-volume "Music of Indonesia."

Smithsonian Folkways has also added several smaller but similar-minded
labels like Paredon and Cook, usually through donation. It gets no
government support or subsidy; funds for preservation, restoration,
production and marketing must come from sales. According to archivist
Jeff Place, 80 percent of Folkways titles sell fewer than five copies a year,
and some only sell one copy every two years.
Condensed From ATN:

It's A Cruel And Unusual Summer For Rock Tours
While concert ticket sales are picking up, modern rockers are not doing the
briskest business.

Senior Writer Gil Kaufman reports:

With skies turning sunny and thoughts shifting to muggy nights under the stars
listening to some live music, summer-concert ticket sales appear to be picking up
after a slower-than-expected start.

But the names sitting atop the list of hot touring acts might surprise rock fans.

Out of the picture for now are such rock heavyweights as U2 and the Rolling
Stones. Filling the arenas this season in their place are country superstar Shania
Twain, easy-listening instrumentalist Yanni and recently reunited Southern rockers
Lynyrd Skynyrd.

"Shania Twain is going out for the first time and doing really well," according to
Rob Evans, manager of the Box Score, a tour-grosses chart in the concert-
industry trade magazine Amusement Business.

In a less surprising development, Evans also predicted that the Dave Matthews
Band could well be one of the top touring acts of the year. But even that stadium-
filling jam band might not beat 1998's real touring heavyweight so far.

That would be Yanni.

"Surprisingly, Yanni is leading the year in tour grosses," Evans said.

Veteran acts such as Van Halen and Janet Jackson are suffering from less- than
-stellar sales in some markets, while touring newcomers the Spice Girls and
Hanson are vacuuming up allowances across the country. A number of lesser-
known acts could graduate to larger venues by the fall, while a few veteran acts
may endure bruised egos.

Dave Williams, who does concert promotion in Washington, D.C., said Southern
boogie-rockers Lynyrd "Free Bird" Skynyrd are a "really big deal" so far this
summer. "I've been really surprised by their numbers," Williams said, adding
that he was "clueless" as to what the explanation was for the band's resurgence.

Traditional summer "gimmes" such as Vermont jam band Phish, folk singer
James Taylor and Mayor of "Margaritaville" Jimmy Buffett continue to pack
amphitheaters in a season that lacks a major stadium tour by cash cows such
as U2 and the Rolling Stones.

Seattle rockers Pearl Jam, mounting their first summer tour in several years,
are doing brisk business, according to Evans, after a few early dates suffered
from slow sales.

Meanwhile, an industry professional, speaking on condition of anonymity,
dubbed the solo tour by Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks and the double-
diva tour by crooner Michael Bolton and country star Wynonna Judd
(Prarit's note: As usual, please note that any U2 appearance at a Tibetan
Freedom Function is a RUMOUR. I have not confirmed, or had it
denied, through any source.)

>From Denver Post "What's New" Section:

"For Tibet

Stars of the Tiibetan Freedom Concert in Washington, D.C. will perform
from 8am to 8 pm Monday on the steps of the state capitol in Denver.
The Beastie Boys, Pearl Jam (who played here last week), REM and U2 will
perform with Tibetan musician Nawang Kechog, who will appear with them
at 10am. The event is part of the celebration of World Tibet Day and
the observance of the Dalai Lama's 63rd birthday. The free concert is
sponsored by the Colorado Friends of Tibet."

Thanks to Susan Carroll for this information.


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