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>From Irish Echo, gossip section:

"But Does he Have an Edge?"

You'd think being rock royalty and having a really, really distinctive
nickname and your own Lear jet would be enough to get you to to even
the sdnootiest golf club, right? Well, maybe yes and maybe no, as U2's
Dave Evans, aka the Edge, is finding out.

The guitarist is sweating out the applications process for entry into
the extremely exclusive Royal Dublin Golf Club. We hear that the
membership roles are already closed, but Edge still has a chance to get
in. If he's successful, he'll have to pay a 3,500 pound entry fee as
well as 700 pounjd in dues per year. Which is probably what he tips the
bellmen - make that, bellpersons - at his Clarence Hotel.

Just in case Edge's application is rejected, he can take comfort in the
words of Groucho Marx: "I would never be a member of a club that would
have me as a member."

Thanks to Colleen Whelan for this information.
>From personal email, taken with permission:

My small piece of information is that the World Cup video
made by the Romanian television contains a sound-sample from
'Discotheque' - the spiralling sound from the beginning.

Thanks to ANCA for the above.
Tommorow night, VH1 is advertising that they will feature "U2" before they
were "U2". I'm not sure what that means, but the times are shown below:

>From VH1.com- all times are Eastern-

7:30PM Pop-Up Video
8:00PM Before They Were Rock Stars
9:00PM Before They Were Rock Stars II
Howie B's Label Homepage address is:


You can find(amongst other things), 3 pics of Howie B at PopMart. It does
mention that we should expect a release of a collaboration from Adam Clayton
and Howie B(Prarit's note: I dunno if this is the Avenger's theme or not.).

Thanks to Notorious G.I.B. for this information.
Review/Music Mayfield Four Bring 'Fallout' to Viper Room

Reuters 29-JUN-98

The Mayfield Four (Viper Room, West Hollywood; 175 capacity; $10)

By Troy J. Augusto

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Washington State-based rock
band the Mayfield Four certainly have their ducks all in a row, and look as close
to a sure thing as any recent new major-label contender.

Together less than two years, this clean-cut (by contemporary standards) crew
is managed by Eric Hoppe, a recent graduate of Susan Silver's (Soundgarden,
Alice in Chains) management team, and enjoys the services of influential attorney
Peter Paterno, a one-two punch that earned the quartet a fat deal with Sony's
Epic Records.

The eight-song showcase was highlighted by a passionate, set-closing rendition
of Marvin Gaye's ``Inner City Blues,'' which smoldered with the intensity of
1985-model U2 and was by far the loosest groove of the evening.
Do you think the pending merger of Universal Music Group and PolyGram Music
into the world's largest music company is good or bad for the music business?


(Prarit's note: You can also download ANY album review that Billboard has done
over the past 18 years at http://www.billboard.com)
A quick phone call to my local HMV, and they were able to tell me that they had
recieved a flyer which listed the "U2: POPMart DVD" as an upcoming release
in 1998. However, it did not contain an exact release date :(, or a description :(.
Well, since everyone else has a poll, I figured I should have one too :)

This weeks question: It is RUMOURed that U2 will be releasing a DVD at the end
of this year. What one thing would you like to see on it?

You can answer the question by following this link:


I was watching RapidFax this afternoon, and they were talking about how bands
were releasing concerts on DVD--and that U2 will release POPMart on DVD
by the end of the year.

They did not say if the DVD would be the Mexico City concert, or if it would
be a collection of video from several concerts. No word on whether or not the
DVD would also contain other "goodies"...
You can vote for U2's "I Will Follow" at the following site:



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