Michael Jordan and U2

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Sun, 5 Jul 1998 14:56:48 EDT

Ciao John wrote:

>the fact that MJ doesn't know U2 only demostrates how wrapped
>up he is in his own little world. This was U2 in 1992 - it's like not
>knowing who the Beatles were in 1967!

Wrapped up in his own little world? Hmmmmm, well Michael Jordan is a black
athlete and U2 are an irish rock and roll band. Just because we all know U2
and their importance in music history, doesn't mean that other cultures see
the same thing. And it works vice versa. I mean how many times have their
been questions of who is John Coltrane or Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. on this

Last year i was asked "had i been living in a cave" not to know about U2. No,
i'm just African-American and growing up I mainly listened to black music
(until i hit high school). Sure, i had seen a couple of U2 videos on MTV and
liked them but knowing they were declared Rock's Hottest Ticket didn't
penetrate my little world. And if you ask many blacks to name some of the top
rock groups ever, U2 wouldn't be in the Top 100.

You could make the same comment about Frank Sinatra thinking it was Sonny Bono
that wanted to do a duet with him instead of Bono. But know one does. Just
because you're famous means you know about every other famous individual.


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