U2 STICKERS! $2 for IGWSHA design

Shary M. T ([email protected])
Sun, 05 Jul 1998 13:21:32 -0700

Hi All!
  I'm writing to all of you for several different reasons. Not all
reasons apply to all of you so you'll just have to take what applies to
your situation.

   #1) Question: You've had me reserve stickers for you but are you
still ordering? If not, please let me know so I can release them to
others who are anxious to get some.
  #2) In order to accomodate late payments and new orders, I have had to
extend the P.O. Box another 6 months which costs another $20 US. As a
result of this, and still being "in the hole" due to charging people the
"at cost" price of $1 only per SET of stickers (an overly generous
decision I now realise), I MUST now raise the price of DESIGN #1
stickers to $2 per SET. This applies to the few and precious remaining
stickers of DESIGN #1 from the first batch.
  #3) You will see on the WEBSITE:
that DESIGN #1 says SOLD OUT and the next batch will be $2 per SET of
DESING #1. This is still true but for all of you who have had me
reserve stickers for you up to a month or more ago but still haven't
paid, again, I restate :The remaining stickers of DESIGN #1 that have
yet remained unpaid for, will also be $2 per SET from now on.
  #4) If you are one of those orderers who are pre-ordering for the new
batch of DESIGN #1- There hope for you! If I get no responses or if I
get cancellations from these people, I will release their Design #1
stickers to you, but again, for $2 per SET! I will let you know soon
whether to send your payments or not. :)
   Now that you have this info, please tell me if you are CANCELLING or
your stickers. If you received this letter in error, let me know that
too and I will remove you from my list of people to contact.
   Thank you again and enjoy your summer! :) Shary

"stick together man and woman" "stick together with God's glue"

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