VH1 History of Music Video: U2

[email protected]
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 15:33:23 EDT


here's the "setlist" for U2 on VH1's history of music video today:
1) One (version 1)
2) Mysterious Ways
3) Pride (the version w/ the kids in the auditorium)
4) I Still Haven't What I'm Lookin' For
5) With or Without You
6) New Year's Day
7) Where the Streets Have No Name

Ok, as usual, U2 wasn't given any credit for POP. NO videos from POP or
Zooropa. They can give Madonna an hour and a half, but U2 only 52 minutes.
I still don't understand. I guess i never will. I suppose it makes no
difference that Madonna and U2 have been around for almost the exact same
length of time, both have made incredible innovations, yet u2 is still under-


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