My broken Joshua Tree album =(

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Sun, 05 Jul 1998 18:36:25 PDT

Yesterday, I was downtown at this cool used record shop. I've been
buying old Beatles' albums from them for years, and yesterday, I finally
began my collection of U2 RECORDS! I found Abbey Rd. there for only $5,
AND THE JOSHUA TREE for $4!!! I was soooooo stoked to get JT for that
cheap! I WAS ECSTATIC! I was walkin' along the street...the JT record slipped outta
the cover and shattered! It's now in 3 pieces, and I am majorly pissed.
Although I can still play the inside songs, I'm still sooooooo MAD! The
whole way home, I just kept sayin' "DAMN IT!!!! oh, fuck. fuck.
fuck." I couldn't believe it!!! Pardon my french, but I was furious.
Still am.

My friend Hayley says it's a sign that I should calm down about this
whole U2 thing. Yeah, sure... it's a sign MY ASS! Whatever.
But...this RECORD! It's a classic! And I blew it. I'm so pissed off,
that although my modem at home is broken, I rushed over here to Kinko's
Copies and borrowed their internet. I just had to tell ya all. I'm so
upset. But...I guess I'll just have to keep lookin' for another old
Joshua Tree album. I'm sure that record shop will get another in
someday. They DO have October, however. I'm gonna go back and buy that
one. That'll make me feel a little better.

Thanks for lettin' to me vent.

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