cynthia d ross ([email protected])
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 20:26:57 -0500

Hiya Wirelings!
I thought I would add a little humor to Wire, something to douse the
You decide to count how many times a day people that come in contact with
you say 'you too" (ya' know U2). About four hours into your day you are
giggling about it because you've lost track and now you can't get it out of
your head. : )

Something cool happened last week! I called the local 'rock alternative'
station here last week (their comment line). Well, of course, I said
something about how happy I was that they played a good amount of U2 and
that was why I listened. Guess what?!! They play my little clip all the
time! Recently they have been playing 5-6 U2 songs per day instead of the
usual 3. Yipee!!!

Okay, here is a thread I would be interested in. We always read posts about
'what's your fav song' etc. I want to know what is your favorite lyrical

Finding peace in the neon.

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