POP for $8!! why?

manuel olmos ([email protected])
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 22:36:52 +0930 (GMT)

After my POP album was stolen, (A thief with good taste in music!)
I didn't wait a second and went to buy another one.
I was walking around in K-mart when I saw this:
POP the complete and original album in CD for just 8 bucks!!

Does anyone know why?? (I'm writing from Australia where the normal
price for a CD like that is 29.95).
I still go to K-mart to check out if the price was right, and yep, they
got a new batch of POP Cds and they still sell them for $8, It wasn't
an error or an offer. AND that is the only CD they sell for 8 dollars

Can anybody tell me why?


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