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Mon, 06 Jul 1998 16:05:32 +0300

i was riding the bus today when i passed next to park hayarkon where U2
preformed couple of monthes ago & i started to think, i think i got over
the fact that i didnt see the show):
well maybe i didnt but im not that depressed like i used to thanks to the
people that cheered me up
im also not that depressed about living in israHELL i mean it could have
been worse right?
& i won't be staying here for too long i mean just until i'll move in with
Bono (yea i wish)
but i will move someday
for now i have a question...again im going to france in another month i
wanted to go to ireland but it wasnt really my choice so i thought i should
make the best out of it now that i have all this positive energy
so does anybody know any U2 places there? im not sure that there are any
i know that Bono has a housh in the south of france can anybody give me the
address or a picture or something
ok i might come to you with more questions one day but until then
goodbye....My name is Mr. Macphisto im looking for a taxi to take me home
actually my name is Rotem im looking for a plane to take me to Dublin

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