Will you be in Ireland in August??

kkocheva ([email protected])
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 18:30:49 -0400

Hello fans!!!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Drowning Girl.
I'll be vacationing in England and Ireland from July 31st - August 10th
this summer. A long lived dream finally becoming my reality. I'm gonna
dream of the world I want to live in, I'm gonna dream out loud. I am
curious to know who of you out there might happen to be there at the same
time as me. I am venturing with my best friend and fellow U2 fanatic,
Jennifer Lord (SparkyGirl) who writes the news for ZooNation and stories
for that site as well. We will definitely be in Ireland from Aug. 6 - 9th.
 If you would want to meet up during this time, please let me know and I'll
see what can be done. After all, 'uncertainty can be your guiding light.'
 It's all about sightseeing, Guinness, and The Kitchen (U2 would be a plus,
too). Let me know!!!!!

Take my hand...DrowningGirl

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