U2 in my life (long, but please read it anyway : ) )

Sara Einarsson ([email protected])
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 16:16:04 PDT

Hi Wirelings!

I had never really thought about WHY I loved U2 before I met my
boyfriend. All I knew was that first time I heard of them was in spring
92 and that I fell totally in love with them and since then they have
always been there and I have never really given it a thought.
When I met my boyfriend he needed explanations WHAT it is about them
that I love and he gave me a really hard time. Itīs hard to argue and
think out answers at the same time. : )
Now I think about it most of the time and have actually realized how
much they mean to me and itīs more then I first thought.
U2 for me is something to lean back on when youīre happy, angry, sad or
depressed. They always have something that makes you feel better. They
also give me this feeling inside of me that no one else, besides my
boyfriend, can give me. A kind of safety and a strenght that it is still
not to late to commit yourself to make it a better world to live in. If
they can, I can !
I can also find answers in their lyrics, they give me alot of " ahaīs"
and " of course, that is just so true" . I have often a hard time to
express myself but they put the words in my mouth.
When I watch a video from a concert I always get this carried away cause
they have such sincerity and in some strange way they make you feel
important. They care about you, maybe they don't but if so, they cover
it very well.
They came in to my life when I had a very tough time. I didn't know who
I was but mostly I didn't know whether I wanted to be a christian or
not. But they gave me this peace and made me realize that the most
important at that time wasn't where, how or why I belived, but THAT I
belived.....in something..... "you carried tha cross and took my shame,
YOU know I belive it, but I still haven't found what I'm looking for "

I'm not that kind of fan and have not that kind of love for them that I
will do anything to get a chance to go in bed with any of the members.
I'm not screaming when they come around I just stand still, watch and
think " oh, my God, 1 m away is the man that gives me hope in my life"
or something like that, don't really know what I think but anyway I
guess you get it. I don't blame you that screams and tries to throw
yourself around them. We, I guess, have the same kind of feelings about
them but just express them in different ways.

I know there are alot of you out there that share my feelings. I read
about some of them when U2 still were out on tour but I sure miss those
posts. Posts that made me nodd along, posts that made me feel that I'm
not THAT alone in this world, posts that made me cry. Where are you??

This is some about what U2 means in my life, what do they mean in YOUR
life? Have you ever given it a REAL thought??

U2 is a part of me, U2 is a way of living !

With all my love to all of you, whether you have thought about it or not
! : )


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