Fruit Boots?

Carissa Goisnard ([email protected])
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 09:07:34 +0900

Okay boys and girls, is everyone paying attention?
Good because we've going to have a POP (arf!) quiz
Pencils ready? Good! first question:

-What, prey tell is a fruit boot?

Allright now on to question two;

- Whenceforth and wherefore the boy shaped cd's?

- Where can I find .wav file with Adam (on the Simpsons) saying "wankers"

And for the bonus question - Okay, you got me there is no bonus
question... But the first dozen or so people to e-mail me with answers or
even a lead will win (drum-roll please) the use of my undying gratitude for
one whole year! Yeay!

Good luck
"You, I'm waiting for you. You, you set my desire. I trip through your wires."

Carissa Marie

The Lady With the Spinning Head

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