MP3 CD for sale (~11 hrs. music for $20!)

Steven M. ([email protected])
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 08:16:18 PDT

Hello, WIRE...

I'm selling an MP3 CD. It costs $20 plus shipping. It costs that
because of the CD itself and shipping, plus it takes a lot of time to
make tracklists for y'all. But it's still better than most bootlegs
that have less than 1/10 the amount of music. Go figure.

You can either select your own tracklist (between 130-160 songs,
depending on if it fits), or tell me what you want and I'll see what I
can do.

You can pick from a list of MP3's at...

I have a lot of MP3 files.
I have about 150 songs that are not on any album and are not live
(studio remixes, demos, b-sides, collaborations etc.), and doesn't
include the full 3-CD copy of Salome (the achtung outtakes). The grand
total is something like 600 or 800. I haven't bothered to count,

I also have the following bootlegs:

**JUST RECIEVED: Jesus Was A Cool Guy (mostly accoustic live collection,
with Dalton bros., Acrobat live, Slow Dancing demo, Larry does Irish
Drinking Songs! And, of course, more. COOL!)

Sarajevo (POPMart)
Weiner-Neustadt (POPMart)
Prague (POPMart)
Edinburgh (POPMart)
Mexico City (POPMart)
Foxboro 1st Night (POPMart)
Foxboro 2nd Night (POPMart)
Dublin '93 (Zoo TV Tour)
Zoo In The Casbah (Zoo TV shows, various sources)
Smile Jamaica
Saint Stephens' At The Point (Lovetown Tour)
Do It Again (Joshua Tree Tour)
Live Vol. 2 (Joshua Tree Tour)
The Cork Connection (Joshua Tree Tour)
Under A Blood Red Sky (War Tour)
Gig In Philly (War Tour)
Tokyo 83 (War Tour)
'82 UK Tour (War Tour)
Gloria (Boy Tour)
Ides Of March (Boy Tour)
Lost Broadcasts (Boy Tour)

Plus a bunch individual live songs, including Rattle & Hum songs, Live
Aid "Bad", "Automatic Baby", Video Music Awards, and others.

The addresses, ordering info, list, etc. is at:

I pretty much have every b-side and remix there is except for a few of
the more rare ones (which i will be more than happy to trade for).

The only thing I really don't have is cover songs. I'd appreciate it if
anyone were to trade with me for those.

Other trade requests:
The Wanderer and Stay (Soundtrack versions)
MoFo Remixes (besides Mothers' and Phunk Phorce)
IGWSHA (Big Yam Mix)
and anything i forgot :)

YET AGAIN (god bless "Ctrl-V"), A COMPLETE LIST IS AT:

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