Bono on IGWSHA

Emil Salas ([email protected])
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 00:35:35 +0800

Where was it I read Bono saying that IGWSHA is all about a guy chiding his
lover for always looking to God to provide answers when the answers she
should be seeking out those answers for herself?
I get the impression that the song is being narrated by a guy who used to be
one of the devoutly faithful, but along the way has become so disillusioned
with his faith that he's just about abandoned it. The line "the high street
never looked so low" really sums it up. .

Now am I the only one on the planet who thinks the album version is superior
to the single? And someone posted a while back what Bono says at the very
very end of the song, a barely audible line. . .could somebody out there
please remind me what it was?

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