so people like IGWSHA

Antonio ([email protected])
Wed, 8 Jul 1998 20:48:30 +0200

i am glad that also the songs' meaning creates a little bit of talk on wire :)

so people are not just interested in gossip or such 'moral' questions that,
in the end, are no more u2-related ;)

anyway, i want to thank all those people who have sent their comments to me
or posted on wire. THANKS THANKS THANKS

special thanks to sanjay and megan, so far the last two, who sent their long


*** Tony's cd suggestion for this week:
        GIL SHAHAM - GORAN SOLLSCHER: PAGANINI FOR TWO - Nicoḷ Paganini: Works for
Violin and Guitar
                              1993 Deutsche Grammophon 437 837-2 ***

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