Traders Unite?

Jeff ([email protected])
Wed, 8 Jul 1998 18:53:26 -0500 (CDT)

Hi Wire,

I've been increasingly bothered by the tendency on this list to use wire
solely as a marketplace. Granted, there are lots of collectors here, and
there is a great demand for acquiring, selling, and trading goods of
various kinds. A good deal of it is fair, in my estimation, and a lot of
people have good intentions to share things with other people.

However, the blatant attempts to dupe people into thinking they're getting
some kind of great 'deal', for example, by purchasing a cassette tape of
some readily available show for $12, are simply ludicrous. There are lots
and lots of people on this list who ought to volunteer a little bit of
their time and effort to curtail this kind of sham.

If you are just starting to collect U2 live shows, or if you're looking for
something in particular that you've had a hard time finding, drop me a
line. Who knows. I might have it. If I do, and if I have some free time
(which, at the moment, I do...) I'd be glad to tape whatever item(s) you're
looking for *for nothing*. Yes, send the appropriate number of tapes +
cover your own postage, and I'll do my best to help you out. No 2:1s. No
'I just need to make a few bucks to cover the wear and tear on my tape
deck.' No taking advantage of people who are just starting out and don't
know better. No bullshit. No greed.

**I would strongly encourage other people to do the same thing, time

A lot of the extraneous crap on WIRE submitted from the would-be little
capitalists would soon diminish in quantity, if enough people got involved.

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