Re: Traders Unite?

Steve Atwood ([email protected])
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 00:40:19 -0400


I also am willing to help out other traders using the same guidelines that
Jeff outlined. Anyone who has traded with me in the past, or has visited
my trade page knows that I have been offering a free taping policy since I
have had enough shows to do so. I'm always more than happy to help a new


>However, the blatant attempts to dupe people into thinking they're getting
>some kind of great 'deal', for example, by purchasing a cassette tape of
>some readily available show for $12, are simply ludicrous.

>If you are just starting to collect U2 live shows, or if you're looking for
>something in particular that you've had a hard time finding, drop me a
>line. Who knows. I might have it.

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