Re: What's the name of this song?

Josh Faul ([email protected])
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 13:08:39 -0500

The song you are referring to is from the Achtung Baby Working Tapes
(otherwise known as The Axtung Biebi Working Tapes or The New U2 or The
Acthung Baby Outtakes or some other similar name). Anyway none of the songs
have actual names the names they were given are from the bootlegger that
created the CD's. They are available from a lot of bootleggers/traders. And
there are actually a couple of versions of that song on the tapes. I have
them on cassette and could make you a copy. Just get in touch with me. I
have a VERY nice cassette deck so they'll sound great. If you rather get
them on CD (there are a total of 3 CD's btw) then you'll have to get in
touch with a trader.


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