Japanese WGRYWH single... and hi :)

Holly B. Morgan ([email protected])
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 11:26:02 PDT

Hi Wire!!!

This is my first post ever! Muchas gracias (and you wonder why I failed
spanish ;) to all the wirelings I've met who've helped me out- they've
all been so very nice!

I had a question that I know someone out there in Wireland could answer,
so I just had to post.

I just got the WGRYWH single from Japan (my brother is good for
something at least- good b-day presents ;) and I thought it had one of
the remixes of "Can't help falling in love" on it- but it isn't listed.
It has the same tracklisting as the N. American version of the single.
Is it a hidden track on the CD- or are there two versions of the single
from Japan, or what? Please e-mail me here if you know the answer.

Sorry for taking up the space.

Peace to the Wire

Holly B. Morgan

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