Re: re: Good trader alert...

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 17:49:39 -0400

 Nico said-

>I would just like to say a little something here. If ANYONE has been watchin
>the newsgroups over the course of the past few months U will
>notice that there are at LEAST 200 messages about this guy Chuck aka Redvett
>and lemme tell ya ...they are NOT good messages. He ripped off a friend of
>mine and what he does is trade for videos of low quality with other traders
>and then he sells the copies for $16 each or 2 for $25. Im sorry but that is
>a ripoff in itself. The only person I feel who has the justification to
>charge that amount of money is the person who recorded it. Those are the
>people that sacrificed sitting in the cold and holding up a camera for 2
>just to get us a copy of the shows. These are also the people who sacrificed
>not being able to throughly enjoy the show as well..cause well..ya cant
>scream or cheer or clap if ya got a camera in your hand with a mic there
>recordin U gotta be careful to not get caught. So for all these
>reasons I would be more than happy to pay said $15 or so for a show..but this
>guy Chuck...he is NOT a fan but only in it for the money and U will find if U
>do a dejanews search and type in Redvett or Chuckie or whats the problem with
>redvett U will find endless posts against him and his practices. I tell U
>this only because I dont want any fans to get ripped off and if this will
>just one less person go to him for tapes I feel I have done my part. On a
>side note with Chuck if U post something he doesnt like he will take it out
>personally on U and though he is on AOL..they have been contacted and know of
>his dealings and we have been informed from aol that he will soon be banned
>from the u2 newsgroups and possibly kicked off aol for threatening people and
>slander. so please do NOT go to him for tapes...

 To add to this, the reason that Chuck/Redvett is not seen here posting is
that he got kicked off WIRE for posting about his JT programs 11 times in
one day, and then verbally abusing anyone who objected. Many of us here
were victims of his abuse. (the '3 posts per day' rule was enacted very
soon afterward) I wouldn't send this guy one penney - stick to Chris, he's
the real deal!



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