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Cody Bertram ([email protected])
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 17:06:35 -0500

Ok, some of you might think that I've never been to concerts, but thats
not the case. I've been to many concerts, actually quite a few, but
I've never had seats that were exceptionally great. Don't get me wrong,
when U2 came to Minneapolis at the Metrodome for PopMart, there wasn't a
bad seat in the house, but I would have loved to be 25 feet further
down, cause that would have put me on the floor. It seams that ever
concert I have ever been to I have been compleatly shafted for floor
seats and just the generally exceptional seats. And its starting to get
annoying! I am just wondering, how do you get these great seats? I
talk to people all the time and I hear them say they were on the floor
and right up there, when Bono pulled up that girl out of the audience
and danced with her as he sung to her... why couldn't I have got closer
to see that. I'm a guy, it's not like I wanted Bono to pull me out of
the audience and dance with me and sing me a love song... Thats ok...
but I would like to get a little closer to the action... At U2 concerts
and any other concerts I'm fortinuate enuff to get close to... Can
someone help me with this? :)

Also, MTV said that U2 is coming out with another Album for those of you
who are debaiting it, here is another pice to argue about. I'm not
saying I believe evertying MTV says... but hey... I'm hoping its true ;)

Thanks fellow wirelings...

cody of minnesota... soon to be of texas ;)

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